Ian ‘Brad’ and Tilly: ‘Thorny’ our second hand Thorn tandem acquired in 2010 in pretty poor condition and which has received a thorough overhaul from Brad.

Nina: ‘Rosie’ our second hand Marin mountain bike with a number of modifications to the frame and almost everything else replaced too.


Hilleburg Nallo GT4, a very generous floor space considering we are only three, but the 4 person version has enough height that Brad (at 6’5″) can sit up inside, unlike the smaller versions.

Exped sleeping mats x2 (the longer, wider versions which means two mats give us enough room for the three of us to sleep together – we strap the mats together using Thermarest straps)

MEC sleeping bags x2 (rectangular down filled, zipped together they make a roomy sleeping bag for the three of us to share)

Deuter childs sleeping bag (perfect size for Tilly if we can get her our of our cozy MEC sleeping bag!)


More gear info to follow

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