France Tour 2011

The summer after we bought them, we took our tandem and my touring bike to France. We cycled from Limoges to the Atlantic coast near Bordeaux over 8 days, camping along the way. We took the train back to our starting point.

The cycling was tough, the food great and camping in campsites expensive. The trip wasn’t long enough for a two-and-a-half year old to adjust to the different way of life, though given a playground, beach or other kids to play with she enjoyed herself immensely.

Tilly was keen to pedal at the beginning and end of the trip but for 4 or 5 days in the middle she chose to sit in her bike seat and observe rather than participate in the cycling. At this point she wasn’t really adding much power to the pedalling of the tandem anyway!

We then started to prepare in earnest for our 2012 cycling adventure, happy that with a tandem bike, a single bike, and a lot of pannier bags, we would be able to tour the world with a small child without the need to tow a trailer.

A little Saturday outing

We enjoyed a little outing on the bikes today, trying not to feel guilty about all the work we were meant to be doing at home, and took advantage of the fact that it wasn’t raining and there were actually some patches, albeit small patches, of blue sky.

With a packed lunch, extra warm layers on, and a small dolly, we headed to a playground and then a corner shop so that Tilly could buy some chocolate buttons, her prerequisites for getting out of the house on this chilly morning! We went to a lovely big park to have our picnic, and then Tilly and I visited the lake and she climbed trees, collected sticks, picked dandelions and generally had fun, while Brad chatted about kite surfing with a French engineer.

It was a bit of a slog up the golf course hill and a dash home to just about avoid the rain.

It was lovely to be out on the bikes – we haven’t had the time to do any rides recently, and it really felt like the right way to spend a day. We can’t wait to spend everyday like that.