Welcome to our incywincyrider blog.

In 2010 when our daughter was just 18 months old we bought a second hand Thorn tandem (with S&S couplings). It was in pretty bad shape but after a lot of work by Brad it was outfitted with kiddy cranks and made roadworthy. The kiddy cranks meant that our daughter Tilly could sit on the seat with her feet on the pedals and even if she wasn’t up to putting any weight on the pedals at least her feet would go around when her dad pedalled. She loved it! She had very good balance even at 18 months (so we didn’t end up buying a back rest or waist strap) and her long legs (she takes after her tall Dad) suited cycling perfectly.

We were heavily influenced by this family who are very dedicated to their family tandem fun. But our real motivation for buying ‘Thorny’ the tandem was our desire to travel by bicycle in our own version of a family gap year, and so ‘Rosie’ a second hand mountain bike was also acquired for Nina to ride, and we started to plan our travels.


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